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5 Ways to Combine SEO, SEM, and CRO for a Winning E-Commerce Strategy Email address:

SEO-SEM-CRO Instead of operating in silos, SEO and SEM teams need to work together to deliver better results. For instance, analyzing reports from Adwords to identify trending keywords can help SEO team prioritize them and tailor content around these terms. SEM team can also review SEO traffic trends and strategize the campaigns around them. Say, if organic traffic peaks for certain keywords during weekends, it thus is a better idea to plan and accelerate your activities around this time. With a better understanding of keyword data, you can maintain a high degree of relevance between your ads and corresponding landing pages and make better decisions about your website, to boost your CRO strategy . A focused approach that highlights a product or a service to a targeted segment generates fruitful results. Avoid sailing in multiple boats, i.e. creating a strategy that has your key product (or service) at the nucleus will help achieve better search rankings, ad clicks and improve conversions. Your SEO and SEM should revolve around your core competence, which will enable search engines to know what exactly your page is about (SEO), visitors see the ‘exact’ content they were looking for (SEM), help you design your landing page around a central theme, and design obvious CTAs (CRO). This essentially simplifies the path to conversion . This doesn’t mean your other products (services) should be neglected, but you must ensure that they do not compete against each other for rankings, either on landing pages or user’s attention.

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